Prehab – pre surgery classes for joint replacement

After treating post-operative joint replacement patients for many years, we have noticed that many patients are often under-prepared for their surgery, both physically and psychologically. A pre-surgery programme can better prepare many patients for what lies ahead, and help them to achieve the best outcome possible.

What does prehab involve?

During consultations and classes we aim to:

• increase strength, body awareness and joint mobility
• commence airways conditioning
• provide education on post operative expectations and events
• instruct on the safe and correct use of walking aids

Classes include both individual exercise and therapy sessions, and some group based gym work including hydrotherapy where appropriate. After hours appointments are also available.

How much will it cost you?

Essentially nothing! At $30 a consultation, most patients will pay nothing as their health funds provide full cover.

Who needs prehab?

Obviously not everyone, but there are many joint replacement candidates whose arthritis or other pre-existing conditions put them at risk of a less then optimum post-operative journey. Reduced mobility, reduced range of motion, anxiety, general de-conditioning and poor fitness are some of the indications for inclusion into a prehab programme.

“Even in a fairly brief time period, the exercise paid off for the participants…Their level of function and pain stabilized prior to surgery, whereas those who did not exercise got worse. The benefits of exercise before surgery are very clear: the more you can do for yourself physically before surgery, the better off you will be.”

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